Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Benefits of Detox – A case study

Brother Barts’ Detox

1984 – Bartley is 22years old. He is my BIG BROTHER.

He is a junior butcher at a national grocer. He has a mild outbreak of scaly, cracked, and peeling skin on his hands. It is a painful period that lasts for 3months. During this skin outbreak he does not seek medical advice and keeps working as a butcher with hands gloved.

His diet is heavy in red meat and pasta. He drinks socially and uses recreational drugs on a routine social basis. He does not take over the counter medication regularly and is sensitive to coffee, black tea and sugary foods though he indulges regularly in chocolate bars.

1994 – Bartley is 32years old.

HE is employed as a trained and licensed butcher. At the time his job description is to manually lift, haul, and hook all meat stock then manually butchering the meat and maintaining a pristine environment. He travels routinely between the meat freezer and the customer counter. He also manages staff and the entire meat department. Bart’s hands are in direct contact to the meat, knives, cash, meat wrapping paper, and dozens of hand washes every day. He has his first hand outbreak in 1994.

Both his hands and his feet swell with 6-8cm in diameter blisters.

These are filled with bright green puss.

The infection rapidly progressed over 4 days until hospitalization. The blisters were not punctured

But left to see how they would progress or regress on their own. Discontent with the situation

Bart pricked all the blistered and let them weep onto the bedding. The contents were bright green and had a fowl odor. The skin under the blisters was fresh and tender and unable to with stand pressure for several days. During the green blister outbreak all the toe nails and finger nails fell out. His hands and feet had had to be protected as the new set of toe and finger nails re-grew. The patient discharged himself and no further follow-up ensued.

1994 – 2006 – Bart’s hands and feet are dry but not scaly. He has mild outbreaks of cracking, peeling, skin sores. He improves mildly but maintains a painful, dry skin on hands, feet, knees and elbows. His scalp, upper and lower torso are not affected. During this time he exhausted all medical treatments including:

  • Dermatologists
  • Infectious Disease Specialists
  • Neurologists

  • Topical Medicated moisturizers
  • Oral anti-fungals
  • Topical corticosteroid creams
  • Topical anti-fungal creams

Bart’s diet has shifted somewhat. He is sensitive to food additives and enjoys home cooking. He prepares most of his meals himself often preparing soups and sauces in advance then freezing several batches. He continues to eat 6lbs of meat per week, minimal fish, and 2-4lbs of chicken per week. He does eat vegetables and fruit every day and less sweet foods. He often during this period stops alcohol and recreational drugs altogether. His smoking habit is one that fluctuated with his social crowd. He quits all vises on a routine basis a couple of times per year.

JUNE 2006 – The latest outbreak. This time the outbreak is painful, bleeding, oozing, and scaly. His hands and feet are the worst. He is unable to stand because of the raw open sores on his feet and has to quit work. He isolated himself because of pain, depression and embarrassment to meet new people. Again his efforts exhaust what the medical system has to offer. He ventured from London, Hamilton and Windsor to have varied treatments. This continues for another year.

  • Spinal tap
  • Blood tests for liver function
  • Psychiatrist

Continued medications for drepression, and inflammation

June 2007 – Barty finally calls his sister for her advice that he hasn’t been able to hear throughout the previous years. Melissa’s recommendations: Stop all red meat injestion, no coffee, no processed foods. 8weeks of brown rice, fresh organic vegetables, tamari for rice, organic butter, 3litres of water per day, 2 fresh lemons per day and 1 fish meal daily. No pasta or flour foods. Barty is desperate and listens to his sister this time.

September 2007 - Ready for the detox. Bart and Melissa venture up to Campbellford to a retreat for a controlled environment detoxification. Four days for Melissa of no food but plenty of liver rich vegetable drinks. I really miss my coffee. Bartley stayed 6 days on pure water, vegetable juice and sulfur protein shakes. After the controlled detox he heads home to his secluded residence where he continued to cleanse. He did a Cola-Vada liver cleanse and abstaining from food and alcohol for another 20days. Cola – Vada included nutrients for the liver and kidney and chelating charcoal. He had large, white, black and colon shaped excrements. He continued with pure water and lemon.

Daily his hands and feet improved. He did not use any topical creams or soap.

37 days post detox: Bart is 22pounds lighter, and his hands and feet are normal and supple. He has not had an outbreak or any skin disorder symptoms. His diet is usually plain and natural with regular servings of his beloved pasta. He has returned to red meat but in smaller servings and balanced to fish ratios.

He now knows that his sister Melissa is way, way smarter than him!!

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